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Our love for Jozi is evident in everything we do!

We embrace the nostalgia of Jozi as an industrial city built on gold.

Built through the sweat of our brothers and sisters, once tragically marginalised, now included in everything we do.

Our team has been in our family of restaurants for up to 15 years.

We are proud of our people. Ngyibonga!

Our 10m long retro brass-clad bar boasts some of the best Gin in the world, expertly matched with craft tonics and elegantly accented garnishes.

We serve Jozi Street Food & Comfort Food with a upmarket twist.

Our kitchen is centred around our char-coal grill and our master grillers are highly skilled. Our meat is locally grain-fed beef, aged to tender perfection and prepared to your personal taste.

Our welcoming restaurant and separate smoking bar is our home and we open our doors to Jozi.

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